Classic Oreo Truffles

Today, we're going to resort to the old favorite: Oreo truffles! After scouring Pinterest and the web for recipes that included copious amounts of chocolate, Oreos, sugar, or all three, we finally settled on one.

We present to you a classic but delicious recipe…Oreo truffles. Gooey, chocolate-y, and utterly amazing.

Monica & Caroline

The ingredients. Pretty simple! Imagine vegetable shortening is in the picture.

Oreo + cream cheese in the food processor, partially ground.

Mashing the Oreos with the cream cheese may take a while. Try stopping the food processor occasionally and stir around the mix with a spoon.

The Oreo truffles, before being dipped.

Oreo and cream in truffle form. Simply divine!
Time: around 1 hour
Yields: approximately 40 Oreo truffles

1 stick (8 oz) Philadelphia cream cheese
1 package “double stuf” Oreos*
approx. 20 oz. white chocolate chips**
vegetable shortening

*Try using “berry ice cream” Oreos or other Oreo flavors.
**Try using layering techniques with milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

1. Add cream cheese and the entire package of Oreos into the food processor. Blend until smooth.
2. Freeze for 30 minutes to one hour until relatively solid. This will depend on the type of Oreos you used (“double stuf” Oreos take longer).
3. Take the chilled Oreo mixture and form balls (approx. 1 inch in diameter, but it’s a matter of personal preference).
4. Place Oreo balls in any size tray lined with foil paper and freeze for 30 – 45 minutes, or until the truffles are firm enough to dip without falling apart.
5. Meanwhile, heat the white chocolate chips in a small microwave safe container until melted into a thick mixture. Add a spoonful or two of shortening until the mixture has thinned enough to be dip-able.
6. Dip the Oreo balls in the chocolate, and place on the tray. This will be messy!
7. Add any other garnishments. Let cool, until the chocolate is firm. Serve & enjoy!


  1. How exactly do you cover your truffles to look like that? We kept our oreo rounds in the fridge for about an hour and then melted the chocolate and added shortening and tried to cover them. Some of them turned out well, and others, well...meh. So, any tips on how to make those Godiva-esque truffles?

    1. I'd suggest freezing them for 30 minutes so that the outside of the truffle is nice and hard when you go to dip them. Don't worry, our first few looked pretty awful, but they got better with practice. Thanks so much for letting us know how the truffles turned out! Hope this helps! -Caroline

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rosie! We definitely thought they were (:

  3. So, I made these for a CHS bake sale, and, my god, they were amazing! They were great sellers and tasted divine.

    It was a bit hard to get them properly covered in chocolate, but I think that could have been fixed by leaving them to cool for longer and dipping a toothpick in chocolate and then using it to grab the oreo spheres and cover them... kinda like cake pops.

    Anyway, these were great, and I'm going to make them again as soon as I have time. :)

    1. We're so happy to hear that they turned out great for you and the bake sale! This Oreo truffle recipe is definitely one of our all-time favorites, and you are absolutely right that cooling the Oreo balls will help with easier dipping.