About Caroline and Monica | Pass the Cocoa

We are two college students with an intense love for food. Monica Cheng is a senior studying psychology and science in human culture at Northwestern University; in her free time, she adores reading "romantic science" literature and engaging in research journalism. Caroline Zhang is a senior at Harvard, where she studies history and literature. She spends most of her time outside of class at the school's paper, The Harvard Crimson.

We eat. We take pictures. Sometimes, we even manage to take pictures of things before we eat them. 

On those occasions, we write about them on this little corner of the web, also known as Pass the Cocoa.

You see, once upon a time we were bored in high school. Very bored. Also hungry. The technical term, we believe, is senioritis. 

While we were being bored and hungry in fourth period newspaper class one day, we decided to start writing about the food we made and wanted to make. We started publishing these ramblings and musings on the paper's website, under the name Just Desserts. This made us feel very journalistic and important, giving us an excuse to surf Pinterest in class to look for dessert recipes.

Neither of us knew terribly much about cooking, and even less about blogging or photography, but we liked to eat and wanted to write about it. We started baking from the backs of cake mix boxes and gradually taught ourselves new recipes, learned about the magic of butter, and bought embarrassing amounts of sugar.

As we neared graduation, we decided it was time our blog grew up. And so, Pass the Cocoa was born. 


Monica and Caroline

Questions? Comments? Want to send us free cupcakes? Email us at passthecocoa@gmail.com