Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Added on by Caroline Zhang.

A last-minute Valentine's treat: chocolate-covered strawberries! They look amazing with very little effort on your part. 

No recipe today, just melt some chocolate (dark, milk, white, doesn't matter), dip the strawberries, and decorate with chocolate drizzle, nuts, sprinkles, or whatever you want. Be creative!

You could also make these cute berry cups. Just brush mini cupcake liners with chocolate, let it set, and  repeat. Take off the liner, and add a little melted chocolate at the bottom, then add in whatever sort of berry you want, and drizzle chocolate on top. So cute!

Do you know how much one of these babies cost at Godiva? FIVE DOLLARS. For ONE strawberry. You could make a ton of these for five dollars. See, easy, beautiful, AND frugal!

Now, put these in a fancy box, and impress everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!