Deepest Darkest Nutella Hot Cocoa

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Do you ever have those days where it's freezing outside, and nothing sounds better than a nice hot cocoa to warm yourself up at home? Welcome to winterland Evanston, home to the merciless Chicago winds and bitterly numbing cold that goes straight to your bones. Lovely, right? Well, the good news is that it's snowed, and everything is much more tolerable when there's pretty snow on the ground. But you see, there's a secret to surviving the bitter, bitter cold...

Hot cocoa!

But wait. This isn't just any ordinary hot cocoa. It's something that'll melt your insides with hazelnut-y dark chocolate-y goodness. It's the deepest darkest 


hot cocoa. That's right. Bet you haven't heard of this sweet twist before, have you? It's an original recipe by Pass the Cocoa; that's why!

Also, I thought this would be an appropriate little recipe to share with you because World Nutella Day is coming up...tomorrow! And if you haven't tried Nutella crazy hippo, go get some now!

But seriously. Nutella's everywhere (especially if you go to Europe), but even in any local grocery store or the CVS down the block. And the awesome thing about Northwestern dining halls is that they are


prepared with Nutella. So something else that's delicious (and you should try this at home or in your dorm!) is Nutella on PBJ sandwich! (Pro tip: Texas Toast bread is best, especially when toasted.) This is the perfect go-to food when you have one of those unsatisfactory days in a dining hall. Nutella also goes great in


...just sayin'.

Try it. You'll probably love it, unless you're like my crazy friend who stubbornly declares her hatred of Nutella on a daily basis whenever she sees me eating it (I question her sanity sometimes.). Plus, dark chocolate is delicious (and healthy-ish!). If you're not a fan of dark chocolate, go ahead and sub in regular cocoa (:

Anyways! On to the Deepest Darkest Nutella Hot Cocoa!



P.S. My dorm has awful lighting, so it's been a struggle getting acceptable photos. Hope you enjoy!

You'll need a spoon.

The ingredient line-up -- It's that easy! (Please disregard the background clutter. It's my dorm desk.)

A heaping scoop of dark cocoa. Come to the dark side...mwahaha.



Deepest Darkest Nutella Hot Cocoa

So simple, so dark, so divine. Tis the glory of Nutella


Time: 3 minutes

Yield: 1 cup


1-2 heaping scoops of dark chocolate cocoa (I used Starbucks cocoa)

1 heaping scoop of Nutella

1 cup milk (or as much as desired for one serving)


1. Pour the desired amount of milk (around 1 cup) into a microwave-safe mug. Heat in microwave for up to 1 ½ - 2 minutes (depending on your microwave settings).

2. Using a regular spoon, add 1-2 heaping scoops of dark chocolate cocoa. Seriously, heap it on.

3. Using a regular spoon, add 1 heaping scoop of Nutella. Or more, if you like. Stir like crazy until everything’s nicely blended and smooth. Add whip cream and garnish.