Sausage-Stuffed Piglet Buns

Added on by Caroline Zhang.

I love cute food; I love all things mini, colorful, and decorated. It just makes food that much more fun to eat. Maybe I'm still stuck in a little-kid mentality in which your parents would have to place about 10 toys on your high chair and/or put on A Little Mermaid and/or go with you to the park to feed the pigeons and/or take you to the beach in order to get you to eat lunch. Wait, you mean your parents didn't do that with you?

Anyways, these sausage-stuffed rolls in the shape of pigs definitely fit the definition of cute food. They're also fun to make and delicious. The flavor of the sausage is perfectly balanced by the fluffy, soft, and slightly sweet bread. They'll definitely be a hit with little kids who like to play with their food. Or not-so little kids. Ahem.

I'm guest blogging at Girl Versus Dough today, so hop on over to Stephanie's wonderful website for the recipe!