{Flourless} Mini Chocolate Cake Bites

Added on by Monica Cheng.

You know it's November in Chicago when the temperature drops precipitously from the 50s and 60s down to the 30s almost overnight. In fact, we saw all kinds of interesting weather phenomena in Evanston a couple days ago on Halloween -- rain, snow, sleet. Oh, and the Chicago wind. Can you imagine walking through a wind tunnel that is simultaneously throwing snow and sleet at you? Ridiculous. You'd think that after all these years of living in the Midwest, I'd be accustomed to this weather, but...ha! Jokes.

Halloween itself was pretty awesome. We threw a Halloween dessert night party, featuring all sorts of goodies like pumpkin swirl brownies, owl cupcakes, banana bread, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, Halloween cookies, ginger cookies, and hot apple and cinnamon cider! My friends and I dressed as Lord of the Rings characters; I recently discovered that there is this super neat thrift shop on Howard street where you can rent costumes, which is pretty much the most genius thing I'd heard of.

I can never get enough pumpkin, so of course these Mini Chocolate Cake Bites are decorated with both Nutella AND pumpkin cream cheese frosting. Seriously, these mini cake bites are all kinds of amazing. They melt in your mouth and satisfy your deepest chocolate craving.

Check out the recipe on on Nora's blog, A Clean Bake.

Monica & Caroline